Mosquito tattoo

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We've joined forces with the Science Factory Children's Museum in Eugene, OR for the new Attack of the Bloodsuckers! Exhibition. Load up the kids and explore the science of what's eating you as you examine the anatomies, life cycles and behaviors of mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, leeches and other parasites through skin-crawling interactive exhibits. The exhibition runs through May 27, 2012

Be sure to bring your camera! Snap a picture of yourself as a Bed Bug or Tick and post it on our facebook page http://www.facebook.com/Sprague.Pest

Who can resist wearing the Bug Tattoos? Don't leave without a Bed Bug, Mosquito or Tick clinging to your arm.

Bugs Bonanza! Friday April 13th, 5pm—8pm.  Discover the fascinating world of bugs!  You will examine mounted insect specimens, talk to the experts at Zany Zoo about keeping bugs as pets, and see live tarantulas, scorpions and mosquitoes up close.  You will also have the opportunity to catch a bed bug canine inspection demonstration, offered by Sprague Pest Solutions.  Meet the Bug Chicks, too! Enjoy the exhibit Attack of the Bloodsuckers! and find out why bugs are an important part of our environment. Bugs! A Rainforest Adventure will play in the Exploration Dome. $5 entry; $2 for Science Factory members.  Drop in, all ages welcome!