Used Furniture In Boise

There are many great benefits to shopping second hand. You can save a lot of money on clothing and other items and you are also helping to protect the environment by using less resources. But it is important to keep in mind that while second hand shopping is a great option, there is also a risk of picking up some unwanted pest problems such as bed bugs. So to help you remain a savvy shopper but without the threat of pests, here is a guide to avoid bed bugs while second hand shopping in Boise.

  • While shopping, be sure to inspect the items you are considering for any apparent signs of bed bugs such as dark fecal spots or blood spots, light brown colored skin encasements, or any live bugs themselves which resemble an apple seed as adults.

  • Avoid purchasing mattresses and upholstered furniture if possible. Second hand mattresses and other furniture is at a serious risk of containing bed bugs because of the fact that it is not usually cleaned or treated prior to arriving at the store.

  • Always have the clothing put into a bag at the store and then take it straight to the washing machine. Wash the clothing as well as other fabrics that you have purchased on the hottest temperature available to the fabrics to kill of bed bugs and their eggs.

  • If you have purchased large items like an area rug, have the rug professionally cleaned so that you can trust that you will not unroll bed bugs into your home.

Maintaining a year round pest control service contract is a great way to help safeguard your home for instances like second hand shopping that could result in bringing home bed bugs or other pests. By having regular Boise pest control services and preventative treatments, you can have the peace of mind that being a savvy shopper does not have to come at the risk of your home being overtaken by unwanted pest visitors.

To learn more about bed bug treatments in Boise as well as ways to prevent bed bugs, please contact Sprague Pest Solutions for more information!