get rid of bed bugs in seattle

Sprague Pest Solutions is ready to help your Seattle hotel get rid of bed bugs!

Bed bugs are commonly associated with uncleanliness and lack of sanitation, but really the truth is that wherever there are people traveling, there are likely to be bed bug problems. While it is nearly impossible to keep bed bugs from entering Seattle, WA hotels, there are at least ways to help prevent the bed bug problem from spreading throughout the establishment. Seattle pest control professionals would like to share the top two methods of proactive bed bug protection to help keep hotels in Seattle, Washington as well as surrounding areas from experiencing the negative effects of a bed bug infestation.


This includes all staff. Your business should have a bed bug response plan so that each employee in each department of the hotel knows exactly what to do if they spot a bed bug or any signs of a bed bug infestation. There needs to be training seminars to help the staff understand what they should be on the lookout for because not many people know exactly what to look for when it comes to bed bugs. Those in the room regularly such as the hotel’s cleaning staff should be trained to perform thorough bed bug inspections so that each time before a new guest arrives they can be sure the room is bed bug free.

Canine Inspections

One of the most popular methods to help monitor bed bug activity is by the use of bed bug sniffing dogs. These dogs are trained to identify any signs of bed bugs, even their eggs, and they can do it far quicker than any human inspection. Also, this method is completely chemical free which has the attention of many who are trying to be more environmentally friendly. Regular canine inspections are ideal to quickly and effectively make sure that hotel rooms are free of bed bugs before any guests catch the problem.

There are many more ways that Seattle hotels can protect themselves from the bed bugs taking over. If you are a business owner looking for some help in being preventative bed bug methods, contact the pest control professionals at Sprague Pest Solutions today! With many effective bed bug services you will no longer have to worry about the threat of what a bed bug infestation can do to your business’ reputation.