Bed Bugs In Seattle

Whether you rent or own apartments, bed bug control is important.

Whether you own/manage a multi-housing complex or if you just live in an apartment, there are many ways to help in efforts to battle bed bugs. The fact is, these pests are not going away anytime soon which means that seeking help quickly will not only help get rid of bed bugs in the infested unit but will also prevent the bed bug problem from spreading to other tenants.

Bed Bug Control for Apartment Owners/Managers

If you have not already formed a relationship with your local Seattle pest control company now is the time to do so. At Sprague Pest Solutions we provide businesses, including apartment complexes, preventative bed bug treatments like K9 bed bug inspections and targeted treatments to areas that bed bugs are most active like electrical outlets, behind baseboards and under carpets.

Maintaining regular inspections is key to keeping a bed bug free apartment complex. Since you cannot control whether or not your tenants bring bed bugs home (and let’s face it, even library books have become a way for bed bugs to travel these days so they are not hard to come by), apartment owners and/or managers need to take a proactive approach to bed bug control.

Bed Bug Control for Tenants

Even if you don’t own the apartment that you are living in, this does not mean you are exempt from taking steps to prevent bed bugs. In fact, there are many ways to help stop these parasitic insects from taking over without the pest control professionals. But first, make sure you talk to your landlord about treatments already in place.

The best way to prevent bed bugs is to inspect your apartment on a regular basis for the common signs of a bed bug infestation. This includes dark spots on the sheets and mattress, small skin encasements which bed bugs shed as they grow, live bed bugs, and of course waking up with bed bug bites. Another way to help prevent an infestation of bed bugs is to travel smart. Always be on the lookout for bed bugs and always be prepared to inspect the hotel rooms you are staying in when you are away. If you do notice any signs of bed bugs in your apartment, be sure to alert your landlord for further help in bed bug control.

So, for both apartment owners and those renting in Seattle you should be sure that you are taking the necessary steps to prevent bed bugs today. If you would like more information on bed bug control in Seattle then be sure to contact Sprague Pest Solutions. We provide bed bug services to both residential and commercial sectors throughout the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain region.