bed bug dogs seattle

Sprague offers K-9 bed bug inspections for businesses in Seattle and throughout the Pacific Northwest.

With instances of bed bug infestations popping up everywhere, any business or home in Seattle is at risk for a bed bug infestation. If you think that bed bugs may have infested your home or business, or if you just want to get ahead of them and stop them before they do, Sprague Pest Solutions has just the solution. Our bed bug canines can quickly and effectively inspect your building for bed bugs, even so accurately as to single out infested rooms. Our service is perfect for any Seattle based business, from hotels, condominiums, even apartment buildings.

What are bed bug canine inspections?

Though modern technology and techniques in the field of pest removal advance at a startling pace, the best and most reliable technique for bed bug detection are in fact the use of canines. The dogs we use are rescued from an animal shelter, and then highly trained; in fact the training that we put our bed bug dogs through is the same as bomb or drug sniffing dogs in order to ensure the accuracy of their bed bug detection.

Time and time again, bed bug sniffing dogs have proven to be far quicker and far more accurate than human inspections alone. Because bed bugs can hide in areas that humans have difficulty seeing, a dog can pinpoint within minutes if there are bugs present, or even bed bug eggs. Also, as opposed to bulky equipment or people poking through every nook and cranny of your home, a bed bug dog can go into a room and simply point to the area where they smell these pests; much more discreet and less bothersome to your business. Even if it’s just a few bugs, or their eggs, it is important to find them now, before they have a chance to spread and become a major problem.

Bed bug canine units are perfect for many different scenarios. Because they can detect bed bug in all life stages, dogs can catch bed bug problems before they have a chance to spread and become a major infestation. Dogs are great for using in large buildings with many rooms, like hotels or hospitals in which a human would not have the time to inspect. The dogs can target specifically which rooms are infested, instead of treating every room unnecessarily. And last, but not least, bug dogs are great to use after a treatment. This is to ensure that the treatment was successful and that the bed bugs didn’t spread beyond the original area where they were found.

A pest infestation of any kind can be detrimental to your company's image and reputation. And although bed bugs are not actually a result of being unclean, that is often times the perception. So do not let this negative perception affect your company- contact Sprague Pest Solutions today and talk to our bed bug experts about our canine inspection units.

This blog was originally published on June 7, 2012 and has been updated to reflect the most recent information on controlling bed bugs in Seattle and throughout the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain regions.