3 college students moving into a dorm full of bed bugs

Check your dorm room carefully for bed bugs before moving in!

It’s back to school time and campuses across the country have been busy preparing for another semester. But often lost to the regular preparations on campuses with books, schedules, and financial aid, is making sure that dorms are bed bug free. It is extremely important that Portland colleges and universities are prepared for students to move back to dorms through proactive bed bug control methods.

One of the best ways to ensure that your campus is bed bug free and catch any infestations early on is through the use of bed bug inspecting dogs. K9 bed bug inspections are an extremely effective way to quickly search dormitories and other rooms on campus that are at risk for bed bug infestations. In just a matter of minutes a room can be sniffed out and any sign of bed bugs including their eggs can be detected with a 92% accuracy rate.

Traditional human inspections take a lot longer and require the pest control professionals to move furniture around. These inspections are only about 40-60% accurate after all is said and done which makes the canines a winner in this test. While it is still advised to educate staff and students on how to inspect dorm rooms for bed bugs, you will have a much better idea of any campus infestations through the use of a trained bed bug sniffing dog.

Another great benefit of K9 bed bug inspections is to make sure that bed bug treatments were effective. If your campus had a problem with bed bugs and underwent a bed bug treatment such as a quick and safe heat treatment, the K9s will return to be sure that the treatment was effective and to make sure that the infestation did not spread to other areas of the building.

Not only are bed bugs a major disturbance for students and school administrators, but they can also damage your hard earned image and reputation as a business. Surely word will spread if there is a bed bug problem on campus and it could seriously affect prospective students and educators from choosing your college or university.

For any college campuses in Portland as well as throughout Sprague’s large service area, if you would like more information on bed bug detecting dogs then please contact us today at Sprague Pest Solutions. We provide safe, effective, and discreet bed bug services designed to eliminate and prevent bed bug problems from striking your campus this fall semester.