bed bugs in salt lake city

Understanding some not so common things about bed bugs will help you identify them quicker so professional bed bug exterminators can be called in!

Due to the increasing issues with bed bugs in Salt Lake City hotels and other businesses most business owners and manager are likely already familiar with some of the more common bed bug facts. But what about the small details or the things that not everyone may know about the habits and behavior of bed bugs? These uncommon facts could really help your business be better prepared to prevent and control any instances of bed bugs. The professionals in commercial pest control at Sprague Pest Solutions would like to share bed bug facts that Salt Lake City hotel owners may not know.

  1. Bed bugs get their name because sleeping humans are their main source of food and well, we are usually sleeping in a bed. They are not named because they live in beds.

  2. They actually live in dark and hidden places that we may not even think to look such as the night stand, headboard, under carpet, behind hanging artwork, and even inside of electrical outlets.

  3. It takes a bed bug 3-5 minutes to fill up on a human blood aka a bed bug bite.

  4. Humans are a bed bugs first choice but they have been known to feed on pets as well.

  5. Bed bugs can last an entire year without feeding which makes bed bug canine services very beneficial for hotels.

  6. Their eggs are very sticky making it easy for them to stick to bags, luggage and clothing. This is why hotels have an increased risk of bed bug infestations.

  7. Bed bugs molt their skin five times before they reach maturity. But in order to molt their skin they must have a blood meal.

  8. Only about 40% of people have a reaction to bed bug bites at all which leaves around 60% of people unaware that they are being bit by bed bugs.

  9. Bed bugs will only come out at night when they sense human’s carbon dioxide. That is why daytime inspections without the help of a bed bug sniffing dog are not likely to be effective.

  10. Only in the case of severe infestations will you be able to find a bed bug out of their hiding place.

Hopefully these bed bug facts can assist your Salt Lake City hotel in remaining a bed bug free establishment. But in case the bed bugs do make an appearance or you simply want to be proactive in combating bed bug infestations, contact Sprague Pest Solutions. We offer a comprehensive bed bug program that offers effective removal of bed bugs, inspections, monitoring, and even training for your hotel staff.