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If you have a problem with bed bugs, do not try to treat them yourself; call Sprague today!

So, you thought you could just get rid of bed bugs on your own? Yes, the idea of DIY bed bug removal is great in theory but these tiny blood-sucking pests are far more complex than most anticipate. Often times home remedies for bed bugs turn into horror stories that result in the need of a pest control professional anyways.

Bed bug heat treatment gets a little too hot...

You gather all of the electrical heaters you can find from friends and the local stores to perform your own heat treatment. They are after all a chemical free approach to getting rid of bed bugs. In addition to all of the heaters you crank the furnace in your home to kill off bed bugs. But then you forgot to remove the candles, the furniture and your belongings, which begin to melt. And maybe you notice a smoky smell and oops something is catching fire. And then perhaps all the power goes out because your electrical outlets cannot handle all of the heaters on at once. Clearly, this is not a good way to eliminate bed bugs.

Heat treatments are not a simple procedure and require the use of high quality equipment to be safe and effective. There are so many ways that DIY bed bug remedies can go wrong. In addition to the horror story above, here are some other common occurrences when it comes to at home treatment for bed bugs:

  • You attempt to heat a room and cannot get the temperature hot enough so you are still left with a bed bug infestation.

  • Your attempts to drive the bed bugs out via heat or chemicals only cause them to migrate to another room or worse, to a neighbor.

  • Application of chemicals result in you or your family becoming ill or the other side, your attempts to apply pest control chemicals do not work at all.

With all the room for error, it is always best to leave bed bug control to the experts. These pests are great at hiding, they easily migrate, and they are resistant to some treatments which makes them a much more complex pest to treat for than most assume. It is more likely that instead of saving money on DIY treatments you will end up paying more down the line when you combine the expense of your own efforts and professional remediation costs.

For those folks who are living in the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain region including Portland, Seattle, and Salt Lake City, if you are facing a bed bug infestation now, then hold off on the home remedies and avoid the horror stories above. For efficient, safe and effective bed bug control services, simply contact Sprague Pest Solutions to get started.