College Dorm Room Bed Bug Services

Bed bug infestations are a serious threat to college campuses. Keep dorm rooms bed bug free with our bed bug services.

Bed bug control can be a difficult process for any commercial business or facility, but when you have bed bugs inside a college dormitory, the problem can seem insurmountable.  With so many students, so many dorm rooms and such a great amount of clutter, bed bugs can live happily amongst the students and can find a multitude of places to hide. They can spread quickly too, as friends visit each others’ rooms and take bed bugs with them to class, to the library and back to their dormitory. Getting rid of bed bugs inside a college dormitory and on a college campus is a challenge, but definitely not impossible, especially for the Seattle pest control pros at Sprague Pest Solutions. 

To get rid of bed bugs in a college dormitory or on a college campus, your first step should be to partner with an expert in pest control; Seattle has many different pest control companies, but Sprague has been delivering innovative and effective commercial pest control solutions since 1926. In response to the growing bed bug problem in areas like Portland, Seattle and Salt Lake City, we’ve designed a comprehensive bed bug control program that, through a combination of inspections, training and aggressive services, has allowed us to eliminate bed bugs of all life stages.

Our services for a college campus may include:

  • Proactive Bed Bug Inspections: This will not prevent bed bugs in college dormitories or on campuses, but it will allow us to pinpoint a problem as soon as it arises, limiting the chance for the problem to spread. 

  • Targeted Bed Bug Inspections: these are very thorough inspections in areas where bed bugs are known to hide; these inspections may be performed if a problem is reported. 

  • Bed Bug Heat Treatments: Control of a bed bug problem requires targeted treatments; a bed bug heat treatment will focus on one room at a time, killing all stages of bed bugs that exist inside the room. These treatments are eco-friendly and can usually take care of the problem in just one treatment.

  • Other Bed Bug Treatments: Along with our bed bug heat treatments, we also will treat specific areas with other bed bug control means; these areas include mattresses, box springs, upholstered furniture, areas behind electrical outlets, switch plates, baseboards and under carpeting. 

  • Bed Bug Canine Inspection Services: At Sprague, we were the first in our market to offer the exceptional inspection services that can be provided by a trained bed bug-sniffing canine.  These services can be performed much more quickly with the assistance of a trained dog and can allow us to find bed bugs in areas where the human eye cannot see. 

  • Protective mattress and box spring covers: These can help protect bed bugs from becoming established inside mattresses and box springs and can also trap any bed bugs present inside those items from ever making it back out again. These are an alternative to treating mattresses and box springs with pesticides. 

  • Bed Bug Client Learning Programs: To teach staff and even students what to look for and how to avoid spreading bed bug problems, we offer educational programs; these can be a great source of prevention for a campus and eventually an excellent life skill for students. 

With bed bug control solutions as comprehensive as ours, your bed bug problem will be taken care of professionally, quickly and in a cost effective manner. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial bed bug control in Seattle; we will be happy to discuss a control program with you to get rid of bed bugs of all life stages and help set up a plan to prevent further widespread infestation.