illustration of a bed bug

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They feed on human blood and can be found in hotels, bedrooms, apartments, condos, planes, trains, and taxis. Any guesses? Well, although it may seem like a vampire situation, we’re talking about bed bugs here. These tiny, blood sucking insects are continuing to infest homes and businesses across Idaho including Boise which means bed bug control needs to take priority.

Although bed bugs are not known to transmit any diseases as they take in a blood meal from humans, they do cause many other issues for both home and business owners. Here are just a few of the concerns resulting from a bed bug infestation:

  • Leaves itchy welts on the skin for some

  • Creates an appearance of filth (although bed bugs do not favor clean or dirty homes, just humans)

  • Results in a negative image and reputation for businesses

  • Increased remediation and potential litigation costs for businesses

  • Can quickly spread into a major infestation sometimes requiring schools or other businesses to be shut down for treatment

  • Hard to treat and requires a pest control professional rather than any DIY treatments

So, what does one do in Boise when they have found bed bugs? First things first, take a deep because this is no matter for the Idaho pest control professionals at Sprague Pest Solutions. All you have to do is contact us and our technicians will be able to assess the severity of your bed bug infestation and recommend the best treatment for you.

Heat treatments - The infested area will be heated using special equipment to a temperature that will kill bed bugs no matter what life stage they are in. Heat treatments are chemical free and only require one treatment for your bed bug problem to be a thing of the past.

Conventional treatments - In other cases, our Boise pest control pros may recommend a conventional treatment which includes a thorough inspection of the infested areas and an application treatment to areas such as box springs, upholstered furniture, behind outlets, and other places bed bugs are likely to be hiding.

To learn which bed bug treatment will best benefit your home or business in Boise, Idaho, please contact us today at Sprague Pest Solutions. Our team of bed bug experts is ready to return your home or business to a bed bug free space so you can carry on with no worry of these blood sucking critters running around.