Now that spring is here, a lot of people are already dreaming about summer. If you have been planning your summer vacation, you’re not alone. Summertime is a great time to travel and see the world, but we should warn you that along with the many beautiful sights you’ll encounter on your trip, you may also come into contact with bed bugs. There is increased travel in the summertime, which means that bed bugs have even more of an opportunity to hitch themselves to unsuspecting travelers and see the world. These pests can be found in any public place, but they are especially known for being found in hotels. If you’re planning a trip this summer, or you run a commercial lodge or facility and want to be prepared, here are a few helpful tips about bed bugs from the Salt Lake City pest control pros at Sprague Pest Solutions.

Bed bugs will hide anywhere, not just around beds! They can be found in bedside tables, closets, areas where the carpet meets the wall, inside drapes, in upholstered furniture and even behind electrical outlets. Keeping an eye out for bed bugs in all public places is the best way to avoid bringing these pests home with you.

If you run a commercial facility like a hotel, a routine bed bug inspection performed by bed bug detecting canines can help save you time and money. These amazing dogs can detect the scent of bed bugs and their eggs, which can help you to catch a bed bug problem early, before it causes you to lose customers and money.

Bed bugs leave a few signs of their presence behind. They are known for leaving little reddish brown blotches near where they have fed, as well as shed bed bug skins. In large infestations you may notice the smell of coriander or over ripe raspberries.

Bed bugs are great at hitchhiking. They will hide away in luggage, in the seams of clothing and other personal belongings. Use a magnifying glass and a flashlight to help you locate bed bugs in your belongings or when looking through a hotel room for these pests.

In commercial facilities, it is important for employees and staff members to know what bed bugs look like. It is also important to have a bed bug protocol that can be followed should a bed bug problem arise. Having employees that know about these pests and how to deal with them can make all the difference in upholding your reputation.

Bed bugs should NOT be treated without the help of a pest control professional. Many people attempt to get rid of bed bugs on their own, but what they don’t realize is that bed bugs are extremely tough pests - they are difficult to eliminate and can live for months without a blood meal. Bed bug control should only be performed by professionals with the appropriate materials and treatment services.

With summer almost here and many folks planning on traveling, now is a good time to educate yourself, your family and your employees on bed bugs. Make sure that everyone knows what these pests look like and how to recognize the signs of bed bugs so that you can prevent an infestation of these pests from taking over your home or business.

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