Bed Bug In Movie Theater

Bed bug control is more important than ever with these pests turning up in many new and odd places.

It used to be people would say “Don’t let the bed bugs bite” in jest or as part of a bedtime routine with young ones, however these insects have really enjoyed a resurgence that has been likened to a bed bug pandemic in recent years and it’s not quite as humorous or unrealistic to encounter one or many. And its not just beds and hotels that are harboring these tiny blood-sucking pests but in fact bed bugs are showing up in many places not previously even considered.

To help you become aware of where bed bugs could be hiding, here is a list of some of the uncommon places you could find bed bugs lurking:

  • Behind mirrors on the walls

  • Behind hanging artwork

  • In the crevices along baseboards

  • In upholstered furniture

  • Inside electrical outlets

  • At the local library

  • In a library or other used book

  • At the movie theater

  • In a taxicab

  • In office spaces

While it may seem strange to have encounters with bed bugs in a place other than a bedroom, it is becoming increasingly more commonplace which means that even just a trip to a retail store could leave you itching from bed bug bites or even worse, carrying a bed bug right into your home.

The good news is that you do not have to become a recluse to avoid bed bugs. By simply being aware of your surroundings and knowing where to look for bed bugs, you stand a better chance at avoiding these pests.

And if you come across signs of bed bugs like small blood spots on sheets, light brown colored skins, live bugs, or waking to small red bites on your skin, you should seek help immediately in order to avoid a larger infestation. There are many bed bug treatments out there that are effective in getting rid of bed bugs including K9 bed bug inspections, bed bug heat treatments, and conventional bed bug treatments.

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