Business Implementing Proactive Bed Bug Control

Education and training of staff is important to stop bed bugs from spreading.

It used to be that hotels took the brunt of negative media attention in regards to bed bugs. It makes sense considering that hotels are a hub for many travelers and thus a hub for the onset of bed bug infestations. Just a few bed bugs or bed bug eggs latched to someone’s clothing or luggage is enough to start a full on infestation. And the only thing worse than the thought of bed bugs crawling around your business is the thought of your customers finding them. So to help prevent the negative impact that a bed bug problem can have on your business - bad reputation, poor image, litigation matters - here are a few tips to becoming a proactive business in regards to bed bug control.

Educate staff. Have your entire staff learn how to detect bed bugs so that you can catch these pests before they begin to multiply and spread further throughout the business.

Schedule proactive inspections. Canine bed bug inspections are a perfect way to ensure that your business is free of bed bugs. With a 98% accuracy rate of detecting bed bugs, bed bug dogs are a great line in defense against bed bugs and also making sure any bed bug treatments were effective in getting rid of bed bugs.

Install monitoring devices. Devices like the ClimbUp® are a great way to detect bed bugs right from the beginning, before they spread. ClimbUp® is a cup lined with powder that will capture bed bugs. A simple, but effective way to monitor for bed bug activity.

Apply preventative treatments. There are some applications of dusts and gels that can help to prevent the spread of bed bugs. While you probably don’t want to have routine chemicals being sprayed in common bed bug hiding places, there are some options (discreet for customers and guests) to help stop bed bugs from moving through walls in the event that bed bugs do find their way into your business.

To learn more about commercial bed bug control including bed bug dog inspections and bed bug heat treatments, please contact Sprague Pest Solutions today. Our comprehensive bed bug services are available in Portland, Seattle, Salt Lake City and throughout the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain region. So before bed bugs have a chance to disrupt your business, be proactive, starting with Sprague’s commercial bed bug services.