portland or k9 bed bug inspector

Don't let bed bugs rob you of your reputation; let our bed bug dog sniff out bed bugs in your facility!

Unfortunately bed bugs continue to be...well a pest in Portland, Oregon. Not only are they infesting hotels, they are a serious problem for the property management industry and for other commercial facilities in the area. If reports of bed bug sightings or bed bug bites on guests, tenants or employees have you frustrated, the good news is that bed bugs can be eliminated. In fact there are effective bed bug treatments in Portland. At Sprague Pest Solutions, our bed bug services include:

Bed Bug Canine Inspections

That’s right. In the same manner that police dogs can detect drugs, bomb and people, our dogs have undergone extensive training to seek out bed bugs. Proven to be far more effective than human inspections alone, bed bug canines use their keen sense of smell to identify live bed bugs and bed bug eggs in a quick, efficient manner. They can even narrow down if bed bugs are infesting just one room or multiple. K-9 bed bug inspections are ideal for hotels, school dorms and other commercial facilities because they are discreet and provide management with a way to be proactive in the fight against bed bugs in Portland and allow for more targeted treatment.

Bed Bug Heat Treatments

Thermal radiation, also known as heat treatment, is one of the most effective ways to treat for bed bugs. To top that, bed bug heat treatments are also the greenest pest solution for this prolific insect.  The strategy behind bed bug heat treatments is to raise the temperature of the space to 120 degrees, which will kill bed bugs at any stage of life. Many chemical forms of pest control take rooms out of operation for far longer than a company would prefer whereas it is safe to enter an area shortly after a heat treatment is complete.

Don’t let bed bugs take a bite out of your company’s reputation or profits.  If you have identified signs of a bed bug infestation in your Portland, Oregon business or simply want to ensure your facilities remain bed bug free, contact the Portland pest control pros at Sprague Pest Solutions!