Bed Bugs In Movie Theaters

Keep bed bugs in Salt Lake City away from the big screen.

Think bed bugs are only biting people in beds? Think again! Pest control professionals in Salt Lake City want to warn businesses in the entertainment industry that bed bugs are no longer just infesting hotel rooms but movie theaters as well. In fact, many public places are now at risk for having bed bugs and what this means is that businesses need to become proactive and prevent the continued spread of bed bugs before they have a chance to hop a ride home with your guests.

Unfortunately, movie theaters are a perfect setting for bed bugs to enjoy a meal. And we’re not talking about the popcorn crumbs on the floor. Bed bugs can easily stay hidden in movie theaters either along the baseboards, in electrical outlets, or even right in the comfy upholstered chairs. When they detect carbon dioxide from humans as the lights dim and the commercials begin, they will crawl out of hiding and begin to feed on the blood of humans. Talk about a whole new meaning to dinner and a movie!

While this may sound like a gruesome horror film, the truth is that bed bugs in movie theaters are a serious threat. So, to help protect your image and reputation as an owner or manager, our Salt Lake City pest control professionals would like to offer some information about our comprehensive bed bug control programs in the event that you need bed bug extermination or if you are just looking to protect your business from bed bugs. Since you cannot prevent bed bugs or bed bug eggs from coming in with the guests, it becomes crucial to maintain regular bed bug services. Our services include:

  • Proactive bed bug inspections

  • Preventative treatments

  • Bed bug heat treatments in the case of an infestation

  • Bed bug client learning programs to help educate staff on how to identify bed bugs

If you are concerned that your Salt Lake City business could have bed bugs, or even if you just want to be sure that you are not caught in that situation, please contact Sprague Pest Solutions today! We will be glad to design a customized bed bug control program for your business to help prevent the threat of a bed bug infestation and the negative results that businesses often face including litigation matters, high remediation costs, and a tarnished image and reputation. Call us to learn more!