learn the signs of a bed bug infestation

One of the most valued attributes of any company is their reputation and respect within the community. In fact, millions of dollars are spent every year on advertising and customer retention. But no matter how hard business owners try to protect their reputation and retain their clients, just one bad experience can cause almost irreparable harm. This is why Sprague Pest Solutions is the business owner’s best friend. We are here to protect your reputation and help you with client retention.

As they have been for several years, bed bugs continue to be a serious challenge for many types of commercial environments including nursing homes, college dormitories, hotels and motels, and apartment complexes. From Seattle to Portland, Salt Lake City, and throughout the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain region, bed bugs have been an ongoing issue. One factor contributing to this persistent pest problem is bed bug eggs. Because they are sticky and will attach to anything, they are almost impossible to detect. Adult bed bugs are large enough to see but they are so adept to hiding so they often avoid detection by hiding in the carpet, under beds and furniture, behind baseboard and wall coverings, and even inside receptacle outlets and behind switch plates.

If your business has been or currently is being challenged by these biting insects, contact Sprague Pest Solutions today. We’d be happy to put together a comprehensive program and an aggressive service strategy specific to your business for removal and control of bed bugs within your company. Our Seattle bed bug control professionals include highly trained bed bug dogs. Much faster and more effective than inspections with the human eye, canines can detect live, adult bugs bug also bed bug eggs without us having to rip up carpet, cut into walls or dismantle furniture. And for extermination, we often use an innovative, state of the art bed bug heat treatment We have found our thermal remediation to be the most effective way to eliminate bed bugs as the intense heat does not allow bed bugs to escape unscathed.

When it comes to bed bugs, your reputation could be at stake and you will want a pest control company that has positioned itself as an industry leader. Here at Sprague Pest Solutions, we have become a leader in the pest control industry with our highly trained teams and client satisfaction our number one priority. Contact us for bed bug and pest control in Seattle or elsewhere in our service area.