seattle bed bug control

Bed bugs are everywhere, let us help you get rid of bed bugs in Seattle with our bed bug control services!

Bed bugs in Seattle are mainly associated with places that have beds. As far as businesses are concerned, many are fooled to believe that bed bugs are only a problem for hotels and the travel industry. But the truth is, bed bugs can easily infest other types of businesses in Seattle because it is not the beds they are after, the real target are humans. Because bed bugs continue to be a serious pest problem for the commercial sector, now is the time for business owners in Seattle who have not done their research on bed bugs including prevention and treatment options, to do so.

Apartment complexes, retail environments, office buildings and other commercial environments are all susceptible to infestation so owners and managers must be aware of the threat they pose to a company’s image and profits. Whether bed bugs have been introduced on product or have hitched a ride in on a person it is critical that you protect your facility. Sprague Pest Solutions understands how significant the bed bug problem is in Seattle and that is why the Seattle bed bug experts offer highly effective bed bug services.

Canine Services

An increasingly popular and highly effective method for identifying bed bug problems in businesses is the use of bed bug detection dogs. These special dogs are trained to identify the presence of bed bugs in small or large spaces. Canine services are a perfect for businesses who need a discreet, quick, and effective way to detect if there are any bed bugs. This saves the huge amount of time and energy for human inspections which are not always effective due to the ability of bed bugs to hide in small cracks and our inability to detect them through scent.

Heat Treatments

If the canine search turns up that there are bed bugs, no need to worry. Heat treatments provide quick and efficient killing of the bed bug problem. The professionals will heat the infested room to 120 degrees and this will kill off all bed bugs no matter which life stage they are in. Because heat treatments are chemical free, there is no need to worry about closing down the business for a long period of time due to airborne chemicals.

Of course prevention is the best way to avoid any negative impacts of bed bugs on your Seattle business. Here are a few important bed bug prevention tips for businesses:

  • Education - Be sure that all employees know how to spot a bed bug and that they know the proper protocol if there does happen to be an infestation.

  • Monitoring - Routine canine services are a great way to periodically check in so that you can be sure there are no bed bugs trying to infest your business.

  • Preventative treatments - There are options to use specific pesticides to help prevent bed bugs from spreading. Of course when applied by the pest control professionals you will not have to worry about harmful effects of chemicals.

To find out more information on Sprague’s bed bug control for businesses in Seattle, contact Sprague Pest Solutions today!