After decades of dormancy bed bugs made a comeback five years ago and have been a severe pain in the side of the Sprague Pest Experts’ commercial clients ever since.

The Sprague Pest Experts recently attended the Global Bed Bug Summit in Denver and among the pages of notes we took from the various education sessions – one of which was given by Sprague’s very own Carrie Thibodeaux – was the release of a recent nationwide survey on bed bug activity in commercial accounts.

The survey, conducted by the National Pest Management Association and the University of Kentucky of pest management professionals across the country revealed this shocking statistic: virtually every pest professional (99.6 percent) indicated they had serviced a bed bug infestation in the past 12 months.

While bed bugs are primarily found in residences, commercial facilities are no stranger to these tiny, blood-sucking pests. The survey also compared bed bug activity levels in commercial facilities in 2013 versus 2010 and here are the results:

  • Hotels (75% in 2013 / 67% in 2010)

  • College dorms (47% / 35%)

  • Nursing homes (46% / 25%)

  • Schools and day care centers (41% / 10%)

  • Office buildings (36% / 18%)

  • Hospitals (33% / 12%)

  • Transportation (trains, buses, taxis) – (21% / 9%)

  • Movie theaters (10% / 4%)

We asked fellow Sprague Pest Expert Jeff Weier why bed bugs are such a difficult pest to control and here is what he had to say about these irritating pests.

“Bed bugs are highly mobile pests and their eggs are nearly impossible to detect with the naked eye,” says Weier, technical director for Sprague Pest Solutions. “They are usually discovered after they bite unsuspecting humans leaving itchy red marks or leave their tell-tale sign – tiny dark colored blood spots on bedding or upholstery.”

While bed bugs are a challenging pest, the Sprague Pest Experts have the inspection tools, including our team of canine bed inspectors and their ultra-accurate noses, and use the latest products and techniques to eliminate bed bugs from your facility.

If you have questions on preventing and eliminating bed bugs, the Sprague Pest Experts are ready to help. Send us an e-mail at info@spraguepest.com and we’ll be happy to get back with you with more information.

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