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Flea bites are often confused with bed bugs

If you have been keeping up on the news and media regarding bed bugs, perhaps you have developed bed bug paranoia and are concerned that your Salt Lake City business has been taken over by this parasitic pest.  Of course it is best to be on guard because early detection is key to saving you time, money and a lot of undue stress associated with getting rid of bed bugs. But we are here to inform you that there are also many other bugs and insects that could be to blame for the bug sightings and bites.

What else could be biting?

Carpet beetles - The larvae can cause an irritation of the skin and make people think they have been victim to a bed bug feeding.

Mosquitoes - Sometimes it takes awhile for the skin to develop a reaction to the bite of a mosquito so the cause of itchy welts on the skin could be from a mosquito rather than a bed bug.

Bird mites - These tiny mites are the reason for bites but because they cannot usually be seen by the naked eye, bed bugs take the blame for these mystery bites.

What bugs look like bed bugs?

Spider beetles - Used to be commonly mistaken for a tick but now with the hype of bed bugs, spider beetles are now being mistaken for bed bugs.

Carpet beetles - The adults may appear to be bed bugs to the untrained eye and with skin irritations from the larvae, it’s no wonder people think they are seeing bed bugs.

Cockroaches - The nymph of a cockroach is much smaller than the adult causing many to think that they have a bed bug infestation instead.

The point is that there are many different species of bugs and insects that could be to blame when there are reports of bites and pests at your place of business. But in any event, to keep your business’s image and reputation untarnished, it is always best to alert the Salt Lake City pest control pros at Sprague anytime that you feel there is a pest problem.

The technicians at Sprague Pest Solutions are experts in pest identification and will provide pest control services to get rid of the pest at hand and help to prevent future infestations from occurring. Even if it is a bed bug infestation, Sprague offers businesses in Salt Lake City as well as throughout our Pacific Northwest and Intermountain region service area a comprehensive bed bug solution that is sure to return your business to a bed bug free zone! Please contact us today for more information.