German Cockroach in Portland Facility

Getting rid of cockroaches may not be an easy task once they begin to reproduce.

In the past we have discussed ways to prevent cockroaches in commercial facilities because as you likely already know roaches are a common and potentially dangerous pest for businesses. Going a bit further on this subject, did you know that the most common species to inhabit both homes and businesses is the German cockroach? Unfortunately, German cockroaches carry bacteria and harmful pathogens on the spine of their legs thus contaminating food, food surfaces and other areas of the workplace. Illness and allergic reactions are commonly associated with roach problems. In short, roach infestations are downright unsanitary and unhealthy.

As if that isn’t enough, there is also a major issue when it comes to reproduction of cockroaches. They multiply quickly! In a lifetime, a female cockroach can produce up to 1 million eggs. Given enough food, water and shelter, you can see how a roach infestation can quickly get out of hand. Cockroaches breed continuously and according to the NPMA, the German cockroach can breed at a rate of up to six generations a year. With the ease of producing offspring and at such a high rate, what began as a few roaches digging in the trash, can quickly turn into a dangerous pest infestation taking over your facility. 

To help businesses in Portland, Seattle, Salt Lake City and throughout the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain region battle cockroach infestations, here are a few pest prevention tips from the team at Sprague Pest Solutions:

  • Dispose of the garbage regularly

  • Remove all crumbs and food debris

  • Sanitize food surfaces before and after each use

  • Seal off exterior entry points like cracks and holes

If you do happen to find one, or many, of these insects in your business, please contact Sprague Pest Solutions today. Fast and effective treatments are necessary to get rid of cockroaches before they create health and sanitation hazards in your business facility. To learn more about cockroach control throughout Sprague’s service area, please contact us today!