Sprague Pest offers bioremediation services to Seattle Washington and Portland Oregon

Bioremediation helps keep drains clean and odor free

Many people have never heard the term bioremediation.  It is not a word that is commonly used in every day conversation.  However, if you are in the food services industry, it is a word you are probably very familiar with.  Bioremediation is the process of introducing helpful bacteria or enzymes into places that are hard to reach for cleaning purposes, such as drains, grease traps and soda and beer tap drain lines.  This service bolsters the efforts of the bacteria that already naturally occur.  The bacteria attach themselves to the walls of the drains and begin breaking down oil and grease buildups as well as organic debris.  If you have a nasty, rotten smell coming from your drains, then bioremediation is the way to go.  The bacteria will eat away at the rotting organic material that causes that smell, transforming them into water and carbon dioxide as harmless byproducts.  By doing this, you remove an excellent source of food for cockroaches, rodents and other annoying pests that can be damaging to your restaurant’s reputation.  

As the holiday season kicks into gear, the extra cooking and baking can wreak havoc on your drain systems.  BioSolutions by Sprague Pest Solutions is an affordable and effective bioremediation program available to restaurants, hotels, or other commercial facilities in the Seattle, WA and Portland, OR areas.  At Sprague, we utilize living bacteria in our BioSolutions program; these are far superior to enzyme-only treatments, as the bacteria reproduce and multiply, becoming increasingly more effective.  If you are noticing nasty smells in the sinks in your Seattle restaurant, or the drains of your Portland hotel’s kitchen are becoming backed up, then BioSolutions is the right bioremediation program for you.  Contact Sprague Pest Solutions today for more information on restaurant pest control, our bioremediation services and other commercial pest control in Portland, Seattle and Salt Lake City and to schedule your first appointment. 

This blog was originally published on November 10, 2011, but we have updated it to reflect the most recent and accurate information available in helping you combat frustrating pest problems.