seattle bird control

Pests birds can damage your reputation and facilities, control them with the help of Sprague Pest Solutions

Not only are birds (and their droppings) an unsightly addition to the outside of commercial facilities, but they also pose many threats to businesses. In order to avoid the mess that birds can leave behind when they start nesting in and on your building, it is important to first understand the risks bird infestations pose as well as how they can be prevented and controlled.

Business owners, managers and staff work to maintain their company’s professional image and unfortunately pigeons and other pest birds threaten the results of those efforts. Problems caused by birds often include:

  • employees and customer slipping and/or falling

  • disease transmission

  • degrading construction materials

  • food and water contamination

  • tick and flea carriers

Pest birds are often attracted to:

  • Facilities with open beams and/or corrugated roofs

  • Gardens and other agricultural features that provide a food source

  • Water features such as fountains

  • Heavy landscaping

To cultivate a bird free zone in and around your facility, Sprague Pest Solutions recommends partnering with the professionals. An experienced bird control company has the tools and knowledge necessary to resolve existing activity and to prevent birds from taking over.  

If your company is located in Seattle, Portland, Salt Lake City or elsewhere in the Pacific Northwest or Intermountain regions and are struggling with birds, Sprague can help. Contact us today to learn more about our bird solutions.