Sealing Cracks In Window Frames

Applying caulking to window frames ensures a tight seal so pests cannot get inside.

Preventing pests from entering your Colorado home is the best way to protect the structure and the belongings contained within from mice and other nuisance and damaging pests.  Excluding or pest proofing your home involves fixing areas of your home that are allowing pests to enter along with eliminating any available food and water sources.  Implementing an exclusion plan is very effective in preventing pest infestations, which in turn minimizes or in some cases eliminates the need for further action or treatment. 

There are lots things that you can do around your home to prevent pests from seeing it as an easy place to access and then live and nest in.  Many pests will enter into your home through cracks and spaces in your homes foundation, sealing these up is a great way to prevent pests from getting in.  Also making sure that gaps and spaces around doors and windows are caulked and that screens are completely intact will eliminate a large number of pest problems.  You should also always cap your chimney; this is a favorite entrance for larger wild life species to make their way into your home.  Another pest prevention tip is to eliminate food and water sources, including pet food left outside, easy to access garbage cans(both indoors and outdoors), the removal of food kept on kitchen counters and fixing leaky pipes all helps to make your home less desirable and deter pest activity.

If your home is currently in need of pest control or you need help with implementing an exclusion plan to prevent future pest infestations EnviroPest By Sprague can help.  Our HomeSmartPest™ Prevention program includes 6 service visits with additional treatments between visits if needed at no additional charge.  Once your current infestation has been eliminated we will work with you to prevent insect and rodent problems from occurring later on.  For our businesses in Denver and our Colorado service area we offer our BrandSmartPest™ Advantage program.  This commercial pest control service includes pest prevention, brand protection and environmental stewardship which involve using treatment techniques to minimize your environmental footprint.

For pest control in Denver, Boulder, or elsewhere in Colorado, please contact SpragueOur trained staff will provide you with pest prevention tips and offer your home or business the highest quality, most effective pest control services.