Carpet Beetle Larvae and Adult

Hairs on the larvae of carpet beetles are to blame for allergic reactions in some humans that look like bed bug bites.

Have you got carpet beetles in your Denver home? If you do, you might actually think you have bed bugs. It may surprise you, but some people that suspect they have bed bugs in their homes actually have carpet beetles. These beetles, which belong to the dermestid family, can be found in homes, as well as warehouses, museums and other locations where their desired food exists.  Because the larvae like to eat stored food, fabrics, carpets, furs and preserved specimen, they can be detrimental to your food and to your belongings. And because some people are allergic to the hairs on the abdomen of the larvae, red bumps appear on their skin that are similar to the red bumps brought about by bed bugs. What do carpet beetles look like? Here are some tips from the Denver pest control professionals at EnviroPest by Sprague to help you recognize carpet beetles in your Colorado home. 

  • One of the most common insects found inside Colorado homes, adult carpet beetles are approximately 1/8 of an inch long. 

  • The black carpet beetle is a uniform color, usually very dark brown or black. 

  • The varied carpet beetle, the furniture carpet beetle and the common carpet beetle are covered with colored scales of different patterns; typically white, yellowish and brown. 

  • Carpet beetle larvae tend to be elongate; they are reddish or light brown in color and they are covered with short hairs; some species have distinct tufts of hair that extend from their abdomen.

  • The larvae are the ones that do the damage to your furniture, furs, feathers, silks, wools and natural fiber carpeting. They feed on the natural fibers in your home and that’s where they can be found.

  • Adult carpet beetles feed on the pollen of plants.

  • They can usually be found in your home when they move indoors during the warmer summer months. 

With these tips, hopefully you can determine whether or not you have a carpet beetle problem. When it comes to carpet beetles vs. bed bugs, carpet beetles do not feed on your blood; they only cause red bumps when your skin brushes up against the tiny hair-like bristles on the larvae and only if you have a carpet beetle allergy. Bed bugs will actually feed on your blood, causing little red welts on your skin from their bites. Bed bugs are larger too, at around ¼ of an inch in length when full grown and they are usually a uniform brown color and shaped like an apple seed.


If you suspect carpet beetles inside your Colorado home, don’t hesitate to contact the Denver pest control experts at EnviroPest by Sprague. Our trained technicians can help you determine if you have carpet beetles or possibly bed bugs inside your home; we can then offer the appropriate treatment to get rid of your problem quickly and efficiently. If you are thinking you would prefer year long services to help you prevent these pests from bothering you throughout the year, we can offer you that too! Contact us today for more information on our carpet beetle control as well as our other residential pest control services and our commercial pest control services available in Colorado