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As the weather starts to get cooler, many pests like rodents begin finding their way into our homes and businesses!

Along with the changing of the seasons, this time of year also sees the increase in pests seeking avenues into your facility in order to find a nice, warm shelter in which to reside while cooler weather prevails. As pest pressures change with each season, so too should your pest prevention efforts. Now is a great time for businesses in the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain regions to put into effect these helpful fall pest prevention strategies from the commercial pest control experts at Sprague Pest Solutions.  

There are plenty of ways in which businesses can prevent the infestation of overwintering pests like rodents, spiders, box elder bugs, cluster flies and many more. Of course, these prevention tips should be done in conjunction with your regular pest control services to ensure that your business does not become a magnet for fall and winter pests.

  1. Inspect the outside of the facility and ensure that all possible entry points are properly sealed off.

  2. Keep loading docks free of crates and other garbage and be sure to close doors when not in use.  

  3. Be sure to store waste in dumpsters that are set away from the facility and do not store boxes, crates and other garbage outside of the receptacles.  

  4. Trim back any bushes or shrubs on the outside of the property before the weather gets really cold. Any branches that touch the exterior of the facility will act as a bridge for pests.

  5. Stay on top of sanitation practices so as not to attract insects and rodents that could introduce serious health risks.

Aside from these fall pest prevention tips, it is important that your facility maintains regular pest control services to be sure that your business is safe from the serious threat that pests can cause. The biggest problem with pests this time of the year is that they are looking to stick around and ride out the winter in a place that offers shelter, food and water. Clearly, this can lead to problems for the image and reputation of your business if you are not able to get rid of overwintering pests.

So don’t let pests inside this fall. For facilities in Salt Lake City, Seattle, and Portland and throughout Sprague’s large service area, be sure that you are changing your pest prevention strategies to accompany the changing weather and pest threats. For more information on fall pests and commercial pest control services throughout the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain regions, please contact Sprague Pest Solutions today!