Bed Bug In Clutter

It has been in the news and media for quite some time now that bed bugs are back and infesting not just hotels but homes as well. For Portland, OR homeowners who have a large amount of clutter or especially a hoarding situation, the threat of a bed bug infestation is a very serious matter. Homes can be completely overtaken by bed bugs if there is enough clutter to keep them well hidden and enough human blood for them to feed on and multiply.

Bed bugs get their meals from human blood and their ability to sense the carbon dioxide we release allows them to locate us quickly. By feeding on human blood, bed bugs grow into adults and will reproduce, quickly spreading throughout the home. But even bed bugs who do not have a blood meal can still survive for a long time which makes these pests very hard to get rid of.

Clutter, especially hoarding, promotes an environment conducive for bed bugs; they embed themselves throughout the entire home without homeowners ever knowing. These insects migrate behind the walls, through electrical outlets or other cracks and slowly infest each room in the home. And once bed bugs find a good hiding place, they will not be going away without force. Unfortunately a cluttered environment makes it nearly impossible to identify the signs of a bed bug infestation.

In order to prevent bed bugs in Portland it is important to eliminate the clutter in the home, especially in those filled to the brim as is often the case when it comes to hoarders. Rooms must be completely cleared out, sorted through, all bedding washed, and floors vacuumed so that the homeowner can identify signs of bed bugs such as small blood spots on sheets and the mattress, light brown colored skin encasements, waking to itchy red bumps on the skin, and live bugs themselves which resemble an apple seed. Obviously, clearing out clutter can be difficult for a hoarder so if you know someone in this situation, it must be approached delicately and very likely with the help of someone trained for the task in addition to a pest control professional if bed bugs are present.

To get rid of bed bugs in Portland, allow the bed bug experts at Sprague Pest Solutions to help. With safe and effective treatment options such as thermal remediation, homes can be restored to a bed bug free state in as little as one treatment. Thermal remediation, also known as a heat treatment is a method that is used to heat infested rooms to a temperature of 120 to 135 degrees which will kill bed bugs in all life stages within minutes. To learn more about bed bug heat treatments in Portland, please contact Sprague Pest Solutions today.