Spring Cleaning For Businesses

Spring cleaning is important for business facilities to prevent spring pests.

Spring cleaning is not just for homeowners! Business owners, managers and staff can also participate in this spring rite of passage that has an added bonus. Spring cleaning is a great way to also reduce the threat of pest infestations. Why or how you ask? Eliminating potential food sources and removing harborages which occurs when cleaning and organizing results in an environment that deters insects and rodents rather than attracts them. Whether you are in the food and beverage industry, manage a hotel or are responsible for the upkeep of an office building, now is the time to implement a spring cleaning and pest prevention strategy.

To help with the process, our pest control experts at Sprague Pest Solutions would like to share some spring cleaning tips for commercial facilities:

Starting with the exterior of the facility, make sure that you do a thorough inspection for any small cracks, holes or other openings. Even a hole just the size of a dime is enough for a small mouse to squeeze through. Seal off any openings that you find to help keep pests outside.

If you have windows or doors that you plan to open up this spring and summer, make sure that they are covered securely fit with a screen. If any of the screens have tears or do not fit in the window frame (ie, there are holes or gaps), make sure to replace them. As for loading docks, consider the purchase of screens or flaps that are designed to help keep the area closed when not in use so that pests, even wildlife do not have easy access into the facility. The alternative, simply keep those doors shut when not in use.

Get rid of any sources of standing water around the property. This includes buckets, holes in the ground, or gutters that are full of stagnant water. Water is one of the things that attracts pests including pest birds and also provides breeding grounds for some...mosquitoes anyone?

Inspect the grounds around your facility clearing any downed trees, leave and other debris that could attract termites, carpenter ants and other pests. Dumpsters should be kept away from the entrances and do not allow cardboard, crates and other trash to accumulate outside of the receptacle.

Moving on to the inside of the facility, the focus becomes mainly in the kitchen, dining room or other areas where there is food. Since food is another way to attract pests, you want to make sure that there is never food left out in the open unless it is sealed. Also, inspect food storage areas to get rid of shelf foods that have been left open or are past their date. Pantry pests, roaches and rodents can be detrimental to a business so make sure that your facility does not keep any open food lying around. A deep clean of kitchen equipment is another great way to prevent pests and get rid of built up grease and food debris.

In addition to implementing the spring cleaning techniques mentioned above, it is important that your company partners with a pest responsive pest management firm that offers year round pest control. At Sprague Pest Solutions, we offer commercial pest control in Portland, Seattle and Salt Lake City as well as throughout our Pacific Northwest and Intermountain regions service area. To learn more about our pest control solutions that include preventative treatments, inspections and monitoring for pest activity, please contact us today!