bed bug on a hotel mattress in seattle

Sprague offers effective commercial bed bug services for Seattle businesses.

Pest problems can and do occur in commercial facilities. Seattle business owners and managers understand this.  Many also understand that it is absolutely critical to have a pest management program in place that is designed to not only address insects and rodents but to also prevent them in the first place.  Bed bugs are no exception.  In fact because they are excellent hitchhikers, not to mention prolific breeders and are likely to be found wherever people congregate.  Commercial facilities such as hotels and school dorms as well as apartment complexes are especially at risk.  At Sprague Pest Solutions, we understand the threat bed bugs in Seattle pose, and that’s why we’ve developed our bed bug program to focus not only on treatment after an infestation occurs but to also be proactive in combating these biting pests.  

Proactive bed bug inspection service - An inspection at least twice a year to be sure that there are no signs of bed bug activities.

Preventative treatments - Although we cannot prevent bed bugs from being introduced into a business or facility, there are ways to prevent severe infestations from spreading throughout the area.

Targeted bed bug inspections - An extremely focused and thorough inspection when a business believes there to be a bed bug problem.

Bed bug heat treatments - Heating an infested area to kill off all life stages of bed bugs in a single, chemical free approach.

Bed bug canine inspection program - A bed bug sniffing dog will be able to quickly and effectively identify any signs of a bed bug problem.

Mattress and box spring protective covers - Protect guests from bed bugs and prevent bed bugs from establishing themselves in mattresses.

Bed bug client learning programs - To educate employees and management regarding pest prevention.

To learn more about Sprague’s comprehensive bed bug services in Seattle and throughout the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain regions, please contact us today!