thermometer monitoring temperatures in a portland warehouse

Few pests will thrive in temperatures of less than 68 degrees F

For commercial facilities in Seattle, Salt Lake City, and Portland, pest control should be one of the top priorities. Whether you already maintain a regular pest control service or have  implemented pest prevention strategies, a key component in avoiding any pest threat is to control the climate in your warehouse or other type of facility. The experts in commercial pest control at Sprague Pest Solutions would like to share some information for those who own and operate a warehouse facility on how to remain pest free through climate control.

Even when steps are taken to prevent pests, if the facility itself has an ideal pest environment, it is likely that they will find a way in. Pests including cockroaches and rodents are capable of squeezing through small cracks, holes, or any openings that they find. And once just a few are introduced, you can quickly have a major pest problem.

The ideal temperature for many insects to thrive is between 68 and 86 degrees. When temperatures get below 28 degrees or above 113 degrees, even for a short period of time, most insects will be killed off.  To keep pests at bay, warehouses should always be kept under 68 degrees so that it is less ideal to pests.

Another aspect of climate control is humidity. Aside from food and shelter, pests need moisture and water to survive. And some not only need it, some pests thrive in moist conditions like silverfish which means that it is important to avoid any excess moisture in your warehouse or other commercial facility.  

So to recap, in order to help maintain a pest free facility, you should keep the temperature in the warehouse cool, below 68 degrees, and also keep it dry. If you notice an increase in moisture after the rain, you will want to repair the structures right away so that you are not opening up the doors to let pests in.

For warehouse facilities in Seattle, Salt Lake City, and Portland, as well as throughout the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain regions, please contact Sprague Pest Solutions for more information on how to keep your facility protected from the threat of pests.