Bed Bugs And Carpet Beetles In CO

Bed bug and carpet beetle infestations are commonly confused.

Do you know about carpet beetles? With all the hype about bed bugs in the news these days, you may not have heard much about carpet beetles. These bugs can be in your home and make you think you have a bed bug problem, because if you have a carpet beetle allergy, you may be reacting to these pests in a similar way as you would to bed bugs. The treatment for carpet beetles and for bed bugs is very different, so it is important to be able to tell the difference between these pests in your home. Here are some tips to help you determine which pest you may be dealing with from the Colorado home pest control pros at EnviroPest by Sprague.

Carpet Beetles vs Bed Bugs

  • Carpet beetles are very small, measuring between 1/16 of an inch and 1/8 of an inch long. Bed bugs are larger, measuring approximately ¼ of an inch long.

  • Carpet beetles are oval with white and yellowish-brown scales. They have three tufts of hair near the back of their abdomen. Bed bugs are dark reddish-brown and shaped more like an apple seed.

  • Carpet beetles are typically found inside wall voids, in attics, crawl spaces and other areas of the home where dead insects or spiders have accumulated. These insects are also known for living outdoors, feeding on nectar and pollen. Bed bugs are typically found around the bed, hiding in places that allow them easy access to sleeping people. They are typically not found outdoors.

As you can see, these are two very different pests! At EnviroPest by Sprague, we get a lot of people that call us claiming to have carpet beetle bites. Carpet beetles don’t actually bite; if you have a carpet beetle allergy, you may break out into red spots after coming into contact with these pests, but unlike bed bug bites, carpet beetles have not actually feed on your blood.

If you suspect either carpet beetles or bed bugs inside your Colorado home, give the pros at EnviroPest by Sprague a call. Our professionals offer exceptional bed bug inspections and carpet beetle inspections to determine your specific pest; we can then offer effective treatments to eliminate these pests. Contact our professionals today for more information on our pest control services for your Colorado home or business.