building in seattle with bird spikes

If pigeons, sparrows, or other birds are giving you headaches, call Sprague today!

There is no doubt about it, birds are certainly an obnoxious pest to contend. Pigeons, sparrows, and other pest birds create an look of filth in the areas they infest, they spread disease and cause illness, and they can ruin a business’s hard earned image and reputation. Fortunately, solutions do exist when it comes to bird control.

There are two main categories of control, the first being “deterrents”. Deterrents come in many shapes and sizes and their purpose is to keep birds away from building surfaces. For example, audio deterrents are used to emit high frequency emissions and mimic predators or birds in distress. Visual deterrents, like motorized spiders or plastic owls, are mounted in several areas and used as warning signs. It is important to note that several deterrents, like the two previously mentioned, are only best used as a complement to other strategies.

A newer category of deterrents is the use of chemical compounds. One compound, formed by the pest control experts at Sprague Pest Solutions, is an irritant which uncomfortably stimulates birds’ nervous systems. Another compound, called PIGNX, is a tacky substance with organic ingredients. It is spread on landing site surfaces and creates an uncomfortable sticky feeling on their feet. When birds attempt to clean off the substance, they are met by a strong taste of pepper dust.

Ledge products are the most popular deterrent and an excellent technique to use with larger birds. They are mechanical devices that block birds from reaching corners or wide surfaces. Angled plastic inserts are inserted into 90 degree angles to erase corners small enough for nesting. Bird spikes are another type of product used to deter birds from ledges or rafters.    

The second category of control is “exclusion”. One of the best techniques of pest bird exclusion is netting. The mesh size in the netting is created as needed, to keep out smaller birds like swallows or large birds like pigeons. It blocks off entire areas to prohibit nesting and roosting sites while protecting sensitive areas and warehouse equipment.

Essentially, there are various degrees of prevention. Sprague Pest Solutions is committed to helping businesses resolve their pest bird dilemmas, using solutions that will best fit each individual circumstance. To learn more about which bird control program is best suited for you, please contact us today at Sprague. We have a large service area including Portland, Seattle, and Boise, as well as throughout the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain regions.