bed bug and bed bug egg compared to grains of rice

Do you have a response plan in place for when bed bugs invade your business?

Right now as the weather is beginning to shift to a crisp fall feel, there is a lot of talk about how to pest proof your business in order to avoid fall pests like rodents, spiders, and many others. But let’s not forget the continued importance of maintaining a bed bug free facility in Boise. While efforts to protect your facility from common fall invaders may put bed bugs on the back burner, these parasitic insects are not going away.

It is very important that businesses be proactive in their Boise bed bug control efforts with a bed bug response plan as to avoid the negative implications of bed bugs infesting your business which include:

  • Displeased customers who are not likely to return

  • Potential litigation costs for those seriously affected by bed bugs

  • Remediation costs to return the business back to normal, bed bug free

  • Overall appearance of unsanitary conditions, although this is not a condition for infestations

  • Negative impact on your brand and image as a business

A bed bug response plan includes step by step actions in the event of a bed bug spotting so that the entire staff is on the same page and the problem is taken care of efficiently and with minimal disruption to the business. If you do not already have a response plan, then be sure to contact Sprague for assistance. We offer several pest control services in Boise and are ready to protect your company’s hard earned image and reputation from bed bugs and other pest pressures in Boise.  

To learn more about bed bugs in Boise as well as ways to get rid of them, visit our bed bug services page to see how we can help you! In addition to Boise, Sprague Pest Solutions offers bed bug solutions in Seattle, Portland, and throughout the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain region. Call the Boise pest control pros today!