St. Patrick's Day Food

Keep flies, stored product pests and other critters away from your St. Patty's Day feast.

St. Patrick’s Day is all about the feast! Corned beef hash, soda bread and green beer are pretty standard items on any St. Patty’s Day menu. And not to ruin the fun this year but we wanted to make sure that you were aware of the pests who also enjoy a good St. Patty’s feast. We’re talking flies, stored product pests and other insects and rodents. So whether you are planning to host the party from at your restaurant or bar or if you are simply making a feast at home, it is good to be aware of the pests that may follow.

Corned Beef Hash

The USDA closely watches meat products to ensure that they are kept safe and sanitary from any pests and contamination. But we have to warn you that flies love fresh meat. So for kitchen staff and even chefs in the home, it is important that you keep fresh meat properly sealed and refrigerated to keep pests such as flies away. Click here to learn more about Sprague’s commercial fly control and sanitation audits.

Soda Bread

Flour, sugar, baking soda...these are probably all items that you have sitting around your kitchen (residential or commercial) right now. And for many, they have probably been sitting there for a long time. Stored products such as the ingredients used to make soda bread are at risk of being infested with stored product pests (also known as pantry pests). Stored product pests can be avoided by good sanitation practices such as inventory rotation - first in, first out - for restaurant owners. Also, for those purchasing stored products for their home, make sure to check the packaging for any damages, which could result in a stored product pest infestation.

Green Beer

Who likes a beer more than we do on this Irish holiday? Fruit flies! These tiny flies seek decaying materials such as fruits and fermented beverages...your green beer or other alcoholic drinks. On the restaurant end, instill strict sanitation practices, which include keeping liquor bottles sealed and wiping up spilled alcohol right away. On the home front, if you are hosting a St. Patty’s Day bash, make sure that you also practice proper sanitation and keep the alcohol bottles sealed so that fruit flies don’t join the party. Ask us about our commercial fly control solutions for restaurants and other commercial industries.

Pests and St. Patrick’s Day should not mix. So make sure that wherever you plan to spend the holiday, that you are on guard to prevent any pest infestations and their threats of contamination of food and beverages. For more information on Sprague’s pest control services for businesses, or home pest protection, please contact us today. Our service area extends from Portland, Seattle and Salt Lake City and across the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain region as well as Denver metro.

From all of us at Sprague Pest Solutions, happy St. Patrick’s Day!