Having served Sprague for 8 wonderful years, Eckhard Muller of our Portland Branch will soon celebrate his 2nd Anniversary as April the Bedbug Dog's Handler. This occassion calls into light Eckhard's continued and valuable work for Sprague as well as his uncanny ability to work with April, our oldest and original bedbug dog. Sprague has been working with canines for 5 years, April being our first. She was about 2 years old when Eckhard became her handler and the transition for the two of them was "pretty cool" in that they took an immediate liking to each other. What better work companion than a dog, no?

April is said to adore Eckhard, and we agree. Without their hard work, we would not be where we are today with out Bed Bug Dogs named April, May and now June. Thank you Eckhard and April! Keep up the great work.