Eco-Friendly Pest Control For Colleges And Universities

Don't let pests join the campus this fall. Contact Sprague about eco-friendly pest control options.

Fall is almost here, which means that college campuses are starting to fill up again. One of the many concerns that comes with a busy college campus is the presence of pests.  Pests like bed bugs, cockroaches, flies, ants and rodents can all pose problems when present in a college campus, but pest control at a campus can be tricky. While most people understand the health threats that these pests pose, they simply don’t want the exposure to pesticides that is often required with a pest control treatment. That is why the commercial pest control specialists at Sprague offer effective eco-friendly pest control options for college campuses. We understand the importance of reducing pest populations but also know that protecting the health of students and staff at a campus is essential. 

Why be worried about pests on campus? 

Pests like cockroaches, rats and mice can all benefit from having many students living and learning in the same environment. These pests will live happily alongside humans; we unknowingly share our food with them and they share the diseases they may be carrying with us. This is not a good combination; without proper control, pests like cockroaches and rodents can contaminate our food supplies with their feces and urine and can transmit the diseases that they carry onto our food preparation surfaces as well as directly onto our food. Keeping a clean and sanitized environment is important to reduce the spread of diseases, but it can’t always eliminate a pest problem, especially at a college campus. 

At many colleges and universities, there is often already a maintenance program in place by the college staff.  The maintenance program can go a long way in helping to reduce pest numbers, but it isn’t always enough. The partnership between a pest management professional and the in-house maintenance staff can be an effective organic pest control solution to eliminate current pest populations and help develop strategies that will provide long term pest protection. 

At Sprague, we recognize the importance of environmental responsibility. As pest management professionals, we understand how big our impact on the environment can be and that to do our job effectively, we must look for eco-friendly pest control strategies to eliminate pest problems. To protect health and property, our Integrated Pest Management techniques provide green solutions, including the use of traps, baits and exclusion techniques before we use preventative treatments. In an environment as large and diverse as a college campus, no one treatment option will take care of pest problems. It is necessary to devise a customized treatment plan to suit all aspects of the campus, utilizing all the control options we have available to us, because protecting the students, staff and visitors to your campus is as important to us as it is to you. 

To discuss a pest control partnership with the professionals at Sprague, please give one of our friendly representatives a call today. We have been providing pest control in Seattle and pest control in Portland and Boise as well as throughout our service area since 1926; we have a great deal of experience working in educational facilities as well as other industries in our area. With a focus on green pest control and environmental responsibility, you can be sure that our pest control programs will effectively manage your pest problem while still staying sensitive to the environment in which we all live.   Contact us today!