environmentally friendly pest control practices

Sprague Pest Solutions has focused on environmentally friendly pest control to help make the world a better and healthier place.  The trend throughout America has been one of recycling and going green to protect our environment.  This certainly includes green pest control.  Our commitment to our clients is to make your home safer and healthier while also helping make the world a better environment and place in which to live.


A famous idiom from Benjamin Franklin states that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  At Sprague Pest Solutions, we stress pest prevention as a proactive measure of solving pest problems within the context of natural ecology.  There are many preventive measures the homeowner can implement that will reduce the risk of pest infestation and support a cleaner environment.


There are many ways to make America a cleaner, safer and healthier place to live.  Sprague Pest Solutions offers the benefits of green pest control.  We have a responsibility to the environment with less use of pesticides and less chance of pest infestation.  All this helps reduce the risk of illnesses from infestation of unwanted pests.  Remembering that what we do now affects the quality of life later, Sprague Pest Solutions has now become QualityPro Green Certified.  This shows our clients that we are totally committed to the improvement of the environment.


Our goal is to prevent pest infestations before they become a problem.  We will also strive to continually educate our clients on how to prevent pests from inhabiting their homes and businesses.  Our green pest control products will work in harmony with the natural ecology to preserve the environment.  We strive to provide permanent solutions to your pest problems with the least amount of environmental impact.  We assist our clients with proactive actions to prevent pest infestations.  Sprague Pest Solutions is also committed to continually explore alternative pest control and management to reduce the use of pesticides. 


There are times when pesticide applications are required to eliminate specific pest problems.  When doing so, we use products and applications that are of lower risk, have minimal odor and are not permanent.  We strive to reduce waste with the use of environmentally friendly methods and use materials and methods of application that are target specific.  Sprague Pest Solutions is committed to environmental responsibility for our clients throughout the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain Region.