family in denver with a pest free home

Our HomeSmart Pest Prevention Program protects your Denver home from many pests

Just when you thought you were safe from the fleas, mosquitoes and stinging insects of the summer season, in come the fall season pests. The truth is that no matter what season we are in or what the weather holds for us, there are always going to be pests trying to invade your home and property. That is why EnviroPest by Sprague offers our Colorado residents the HomeSmart Pest Prevention Program. Read on to discover why this program is going to suit you well in Boulder, Denver, and surrounding areas of Colorado.

With the onset of fall, there are many pests to be on the lookout for. If your home is not properly protected on the inside and out, then you may be unknowingly welcoming pests into your home that threaten your health and safety. Some fall pests to be concerned about are:

Stinging Insects
...and many more

Since there is no “safe” time of the year when it comes to the threat of pests, EnviroPest by Sprague’s certified entomologists have developed the perfect solution for Colorado homeowners. Our home pest control services in Denver and Boulder are proven to get rid of pests that you have now and help to prevent and deter future pest problems. The best part is that this is a year round program so as the seasons and pest threats change, you will always be protected.

Not only are pests a major nuisance to many homeowners but they can cause serious problems including:

  • Spread of disease

  • Contamination of surfaces and foods

  • Structural damages

  • Fire hazard

Protect yourself this fall and throughout the entire year by contacting us today at EnviroPest by Sprague Pest Solutions. We service Denver and Boulder metros.  To learn more and to sign up for the HomeSmart Pest Prevention Program, please contact us today!