Ants In Colorado

Ants will still be marching through Denver and Boulder homes this fall!

Autumn is coming! Some nights you can feel it in the air and you know what that means- the kids head back to school! Whether you’re looking forward to the fall or you hate to see the summer go, one thing is for sure- you still get to contend with ants. These annoying little pests aren’t headed anywhere soon and if you’ve seen a few of them inside your house already, you could be in for an increase in ant activity inside your home, as these insects have been known to increase their activity during cooler summer evenings. Ants like sugar ants, odorous house ants and carpenter ants may all be looking for ways to get inside your Denver home to forage for food before the colder fall and winter months arrive. What can you do to keep these ants under control? There are a few ant control options that the Denver pest control professionals at EnviroPest by Sprague recommend that will not only help eliminate current infestations but help prevent future infestations from being able to take hold. 

Recommendations for control of ants in Colorado include: 

  • Keep your home clean and free from food sources that ants are looking for. This can include any number of things, from sweets, to oils, to meats, to fruit- you name it they’ll try it. Keep your kitchen and other areas of your home free from food and drink spills. Make sure your garbage is taken out regularly and your food prep surfaces are clean. Also, clean the area around your stovetop to eliminate grease or oil build-up that may attract ants. Keep stored food in pantries in tightly closed plastic or glass containers to keep ants and other pantry pests out. 
  • Check the exterior and interior of your structure to look for areas where ants may be getting inside. If you see any gaps around the foundation, near utility cables or pipes and around windows or doors, you can take measures to have these areas blocked up. Not only will this help eliminate ant and other pest entry points in your home, it can also help make it more weather tight for the coming fall/winter. 
  • Ants can come inside on the wood you have stored outside in a wood pile, so it’s important to check each pieces over for ants before bringing indoors. 
  • Keep vegetation from touching the sides of your home as well as the roof. Ants and other insects (as well as rodents) can use tree branches and shrubs as ‘gateways’ onto your home’s structure. This will make it that much easier for them to enter your home. 
  • Don’t use ant control sprays that you can purchase at a home improvement store. These sprays can cause ant colonies to split up, which will only make your problem worse. These sprays also send more pesticides into the environment than are necessary for controlling ants, which can be unsafe for your family and pets.  These sprays can also kill non-targeted insects, including beneficial insects around your property. 
  • When looking for ant control products, choose baits. Baits come in several forms and are usually a food source that ants are attracted to that includes a toxicant that will kill the ants. They often only include a very small amount of pest control material, which is better overall for the environment. You want to make sure it’s a slow-acting toxicant to give the ants enough time to take the bait back to the colony. Once the bait has made its way to the colony, the rest of the ants will be exposed to the toxicant and the colony will die as a result. 
  • Because ant control can be a tricky process that requires knowledge of the specific species of ant you have in your home, contacting a pest control professional like the experienced folks at EnviroPest by Sprague in Colorado is the absolute best way of getting rid of ant colonies on your property. 

You may think that contacting a pest control professional to take care of your ant problem is a last resort; truth be told, it should be the very first thing you do. You could spend lots of money attempting to get rid of an ant problem on your own, especially when DIY ant control spray and baits you can buy at the grocery store just don’t take care of the problem. An ant control specialist knows exactly what steps need to be taken to remove an ant colony from your property and can work efficiently and cost-effectively, saving you money and getting rid of the problem quickly. 

These last few weeks of summer should be enjoyed; you shouldn’t be spending your time chasing around ants inside your home. Contact EnviroPest by Sprague today to schedule your first appointment and let us worry about the ants- and you can get back to your summer!