Mouse eating food in Colorado home

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Whether you live in Denver, Boulder, Aurora or elsewhere in Colorado, you have more than likely run into problems with mice invading your home.  Mice and other rodents can use almost any opening to gain entrance into your home, and once they have made it in they can cause considerable damage.  They will often contaminate food, and can introduce Salmonella and Hantavirus into your environment as well as cause Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome.  However, there are some very simple tips that you can follow that will help keep the mice out of your kitchen:

  • Use rodent proof containers – Store food in airtight containers.  Plastic and glass work great.  Always make sure that you have a lid for a container before using it; do not simply cover the container in Saran wrap or tin foil.

  • Correct storage – The refrigerator is a wonderful appliance; use it whenever possible.  Mice are much less likely to contaminate food if it is stored in the fridge.  Unless it is bad for the item to be stored cold, put it in the fridge.  Otherwise, make sure it is stored in a rodent proof container.

  • Know the signs to look for – Besides actually seeing a mouse, the first thing you are likely to notice is droppings.  They will be small, black, and oval shaped, and usually found near sources of food.  You may also find the rodent’s nest.  Nests are usually made out of easily shredded materials, such as newspapers and magazines.

It is very important to use proper cleaning techniques if you notice signs of mouse activity.  Mouse droppings and urine are generally what spread diseases, so caution should be used.  Do not use the vacuum or sweep the droppings; this can cause pathogens to become airborne.  Use disinfectant spray and wipe up with paper towels.  You should also use a mask and gloves while cleaning, protecting yourself from both the mouse droppings and the cleaning chemicals

If you have a rodent control problem and need help from a Denver pest control provider, call Sprague Pest Solutions.  Sprague is a family owned and operated business that has been providing effective pest control solutions since 1926 and is pleased to offer home pest control in the Denver and Boulder metros as well as commercial pest control servicesContact us today so we can take care of your pest and rodent control needs.