Adult bed bugs are the size of a lentil or apple seed.

Cold hard facts you should know about bed bugs.

Mention “bed bug” and likely you’ll strike fear in the heart of an innocent listener. Bed bugs are preceded by their bad reputation, but there are some common misconceptions about the nature and behavior of these small pests.

Misconception no. 1: “Bed bugs are too small for the human eye to see.” Adult bedbugs are easy to see! They are the size of a lentil or an apple seed.

Misconception no. 2: “Bed bugs are only found in beds.” If only this were true. Bed bugs hide out pretty much anywhere: in sofas and cushions, behind electrical outlets, around baseboards and behind picture frames. Their locale isn’t restricted to just bedrooms, either. Bed bugs can live in libraries, movie theaters, retail stores, offices – any place humans gather.

Misconception no. 3: “Bed bugs are only found in unclean places.” Unfortunately, bed bugs do not discriminate between your sparkling clean home and a grimy room. They feed off human blood, not trash or food residue.

Misconception no. 4: “Bed bugs are benign.” While they do not spread disease, bed bugs feed on human blood. Many bed bugs will feed on one human causing an itchy red rash.

Misconception no. 5: “Bed bugs can be treated at home without professional help.” Bed bugs are exceptionally difficult to eliminate. They can live up to a year without feeding and failure to kill even one single bed bug can result in another entire infestation. To fix the problem permanently, you need a skilled pest professional. 

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