fly in a seattle restaurant

Sprague offers easy tips to keep the flies out of your restaurant or other commercial facility

When it comes to your commercial facility, flies may seem like an inevitable part of the territory. And while the majority of us have had encounters with flies in our homes or in other public places, these pests should not be given access to roam the facility. Large flies such as the House fly, Blow fly, and Cluster fly are frequently found swarming through facilities in Seattle, Salt Lake City, and Portland and it is time to shed some light on how to get rid of these pests.

Flies breed very rapidly which means that what started as just a few swarming flies could result in a major infestation that is visible to customers and hard to get rid of. Not only are fly problems unsightly, there are also many risks associated with them:

  • Threats to the health of your customers

  • Spread of bacteria and pathogens

  • Damage to your business’s reputation

Thankfully, there are ways that business owners can protect their facility and help to prevent the swarming of flies. Sprague Pest Solutions would like to offer the following tips to commercial facilities in fly prevention:

  • Do not prop open doors to your facility...even if it’s a hot day.

  • Secure all open windows and doors with screens and make sure they do not contain any holes, tears, or gaps.

  • Keep all food surfaces clear of crumbs, spills, and other food debris. Sanitize before and after each use to prevent the spread of bacteria!

  • Take trash out regularly and make sure it is stored away from the facility and in receptacles with tight fitting lids.

If you are still finding flies an issue in your facility after following these prevention and sanitation tips, then it is time to call in professional pest control help. At Sprague Pest Solutions we offer a wide range of commercial pest control services including installation of insect light traps to control flies and other flying insects in facilities. Sprague has a large service area including Seattle, Salt Lake City, Portland, as well as throughout the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain regions. Don’t let flies tarnish your hard earned reputation, give us a call today!