Flying Ants In Denver

Ants in Denver are sticking around, or flying around.

Earlier this month we mentioned that even though fall is right around the corner, ants don’t seem to be going anywhere.  What we didn’t mention then but are discussing in this post is winged ants, also referred to as flying ants or swarming ants.  Though ants in Colorado tend to swarm in the spring and summer months, it is important to understand what they are, why you are seeing them and what to do should you witness a swarm on your property.  The Denver pest control pros at EnviroPest by Sprague offer some info on flying ant in Colorado. 

Flying ants in Colorado are the winged reproductive members of the ant colony. When they are sexually mature, they will leave the colony in large numbers, joining up with members of other colonies to mate. When a male and female have successfully mated, the male will drop to the ground and die; the female’s wings will drop off and she well go off in search of a place to start a new colony. 

A flying ant swarm can look quite dramatic, but it really is nothing more than a mass exodus of winged reproductive ants from the nest; it’s not a cause for concern, because these ants aren’t going to hurt you, but it does signify that there are colonies nearby and new colonies are looking to become established. However, if a swarm occurs inside your home, you do have reason to be concerned.  With a swarm that occurs indoors, you have proof that there is a colony of ants either living inside your home, or living underneath it/directly around it. If you have a colony of ants inside your home, you will want professional pest control to take care of the problem, because living with ants inside your home is less than ideal. If you didn’t see the swarm happen, there can still be signs of a swarm inside your home. These signs include dead winged ants (the males) and shed wings that can be found around windows and window sills. If you suspect a winged ant swarm has occurred inside your home, or if you were witness to one, give the pros at EnviroPest by Sprague a call in Denver to help identify the pest (including making sure you aren’t seeing flying termites) and control ant populations in and directly around your property. 

Ants in Colorado can be a problem throughout the summer as can swarming flying ants for CO homeowners, especially if the swarms happen indoors. With 85 years of experience to our name, we have partnered with EnviroPest to give home and business owners in Denver and Boulder an exceptional choice in pest control to help take care of ant infestations as well as other insects and pests.  Give us a call (or complete our online form) today to schedule your first inspection; get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home and property is pest free.