spider in colorado eating a fly

If you let a fly infestation get out of control, they will surely attract spiders

It seems like no matter what time of the year, there are always pests just waiting to infest your facility. If left unaddressed, today’s fly problem will become a spider issue come October. At Sprague Pest Solutions we understand the connection which is why we focus on solving infestations using an integrated pest management approach that includes pest prevention.  

With the heat of the summer, many fly species that originate outdoors will inhabit commercial facilities in search of food sources. The common fly species found buzzing around Colorado businesses are likely to include:

House Flies
Blow Flies
Cluster Flies

No matter which species of fly you are seeing, they are a serious health threat ; not only do they breed in garbage, animal excrement, and in other decomposing materials, they have the ability to spread disease and bacteria when they land on surfaces throughout a business. If that’s not enough, flies infesting your facility now could lead spider issues once the weather cools down.  

In the fall and early winter months, spiders will begin their search for a warm place to overwinter. Their requirements are shelter and food which can make your facility quite enticing if you had a previous fly infestation. You may have attempted to clean up the remains of dead flies but there is a good chance there are hidden remains which will be perfect to sustain spiders during the cold winter.

So, what can your facility do to prevent pest problems through the winter? Vigilant pest prevention now and maintaining year round commercial pest control services will ensure that facility keeps flies, spiders and other insects and rodents out. Here are some fly and spider prevention tips from the CO pest control experts at EnviroPest by Sprague:

  • Take trash out regularly and be sure the dumpster is located far away from the entrances to the facility. Also, the dumpster and trash bins should always have a lid that closes tightly to avoid pests from getting inside.  Trash, cardboard boxes, crates and other materials should not be stored outside of the container either.  

  • Keep doors and windows closed unless they are secured with a screen that contains no holes, gaps, or tears. It’s hard when the air is warm but doors (including loading docks) should never be propped open unless in use or if protected by a screen.

  • Sanitize all food surfaces before and after each use. Also, keep floors clean of any spills or food debris.

If preventive measures alone are not enough to combat the flies and spiders, then be sure to contact EnviroPest by Sprague. We provide companies safe and effective pest control services in Denver, Boulder and elsewhere in our Colorado service area. It is always a good idea to maintain regular pest control services to ensure the safety and success of your business as a pest free environment.