In Boise, Sprague's Rob Voss interviewed for story

Fox 12 Idaho interviewed Rob Voss in our Boise service center about the rise of bed bugs in Idaho.

Boise, Idaho - Just the thought of them can make you squirm.

Bed bugs are becoming a major problem in the region, and Boise's no exception.

Experts are saying it's going to get worse before it gets better. Sprague Pest Control in Boise is reporting five times their normal call volume.

"It's inevitable that it's going to be everywhere," said Sprague's Rob Voss.

Yes, those nasty, blood-sucking critters mom warned us about are infesting the Treasure Valley.

"We're seeing them in multi-leveling housing, we're seeing them in hotels, resorts," said Voss.

Apparently it's been a problem for a couple months, but people are just now seeking professional help.

"I think people haven't really wanted people to know so they've hid it from people," said Voss.

The biggest culprit of a bed bug outbreak is travel. Much of our particular outbreak could be related to a problem on the east coast. You may remember a trip some Boise State football fans took in early September.

"I've had calls from people that traveled with the Broncos who went over to (the Virginia Tech game), and they actually brought some back from the game," said Voss.

Voss said the biggest mistake people make is thinking they can take care of the problem themselves, or even find all of the bugs. There are a numbers of ways you can nip the problem before it nips you.

"You can bring a bed bug dog into your house and have it do an inspection," said Voss.  "Once it gets out of control, that's when it's expensive. If you can catch it early, you're far better off."

Your first step should be to get educated.

Sprague has some great information about bed bugs and solutions. Head to