Stacks of wet pallets like these are perfect places to find fungus beetles

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Fungus feeding beetles infest a variety of different commodities. In fact, they are considered to be one of the most serious pests of raw grain.

Fungus beetles, also known as Flat grain beetles, are one of the most common pests in warehouses and storage facilities in Washington, Oregon, and throughout the Pacific Northwest. They are called fungus beetles because they feed exclusively on the hyphae and spores of molds, mildews, and other fungi growing in damp areas. Other insects and arthropods, such as Psocids, sowbugs, and millipedes, live in damp areas and feed on fungi. In contrast, fungus beetles are resistant to desiccation and can live in dry conditions. This allows fungus beetles to survive during dry periods, as well as move from one area to another.

Fungus beetles can be found wherever fungus is present. Wet pallets that are brought into a warm building are a common source of infestation. Situations where commodities are shipped in sea containers or trailers and condensation occurs inside that drips in the commodity often result in fungus beetle infestation. Our Portland and Seattle pest control pros have encountered several infestations that have been the result of water leaking through a roof and wetting commodities stored in warehouses.

Fungus beetles can best be controlled or prevented by:

  • Discarding infested product(s)

  • Drying out pallets

  • Spot applications of insecticides can be used after the infested product is identified and discarded to eliminate beetles that are harboring outside the product in shelving or other areas.

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