Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Salt Lake City

Both conventional and heat treatments are often used to get rid of bed bugs in Salt Lake City businesses and homes.

Because of the increased infestations of bed bugs in recent years, pest control professionals in Salt Lake City and across the country are geared up to battle even the worst bed bug scenarios. There has been much advancement in the fight against bed bugs and today many companies offer bed bug heat treatments or take a more conventional approach to bed bug removal in hotels, office buildings and other commercial facilities as well as residential environments including apartment buildings and private residences. So which type of bed bug treatment is the most effective? Let’s take a closer look.

Bed Bug Heat Treatments

Also known as thermal remediation, bed bug heat treatments get rid of bed bugs (including adults, eggs and nymphs) without the use of chemicals. The infested area is heated, using special equipment, to a temperature of 120 degrees, which will kill all bed bugs even those not visible to the eye. Not only is this method environmentally friendly and highly effective, often it only takes a single treatment to completely eliminate an infestation. And afterwards, people can re-enter a previously infested area can occur rather quickly as well.

Conventional Bed Bug Treatments

Conventional treatments consist of using chemicals to treat for bed bugs. Pest control technicians apply pesticides like inorganic dusts and silica gel to areas that bed bugs hide like wall voids, around the headboards and along baseboards. This way, bed bug infestations cannot spread to other rooms or units.

So which treatment wins when it comes to eliminating bed bugs? They both do! One is not necessarily better than the other; the best course of treatment varies by infestation and the type of environment. Many times conventional treatments are used in conjunction with heat treatments for added protection.

If your business is experiencing a bed bug problem or you simply want to be proactive, Sprague Pest Solutions can help! We offer bed bug control in Salt Lake City, UT as well as in Seattle, WA; Boise, ID and Portland, OR. Contact Sprague Pest Solutions for more information on our comprehensive bed bug programs.