Pigeons cause problems for businesses in colorado

Don't let pest birds like this pigeon ruin your company's image.

Now that we have had our first snow storm of the year here in Denver, and the cold weather is moving in, many pests are starting to seek shelter.  Often times, the shelter they find is your place of business.  Birds, most commonly pigeons, roost on signs, roofs, beams, and anywhere else they can find a place to land.  They have even been known to find their way inside seeking warmth.  They can spread diseases, and can be damaging to your business reputation that you have worked so hard to craft. 

There are two things that draw nuisance birds to your building: roosting sites and availability of food.  The easiest thing that you can do to try to avoid a bird problem is to remove sources of food.  Make sure that you are not feeding the birds; this will only bring in many more birds clamoring for food.  Also, make sure that dumpster lids are always shut or the birds will get in them looking for food.

If you have done what you can to eliminate food sources and it is still not enough to get rid of the birds then it may be time to call in the pest control professionals.  At EnviroPest by Sprague Pest Solutions we offer effective and permanent pest bird removal by removing their nesting and roosting sites.  We will design a program specifically for you and your building.  Our methods include humane landing deterrents, netting, and traps.  All of our products are virtually invisible, so they will not be unsightly or detrimental to your buildings visual appeal.

If you have a nuisance bird control problem in the Denver area, contact EnviroPest by Sprague Pest Solutions.  Sprague has been a leader in the pest control industry since 1926, and continues to provide quality service today.  Call EnviroPest by Sprague and you can be sure that your bird control problems will be taken care of the right way the first time.