How do you know if your Colorado home has bed bugs? Although these pests can be quite elusive, they leave behind some tell-tale signs that knowledgeable homeowners may recognize. Think you might have bed bugs? Check your home for these signs of bed bugs:

Dark reddish-brown spots on bed linens, upholstered seats, carpeting, mattresses and box springs. These spots are bed bug droppings and are usually noticeable in areas near where bed bugs feed. This is often the bed, but these droppings can also be seen on couches and other areas where people spend a lot of time.

Shed bed bug skins; bed bugs must shed their exoskeleton several times before they are full grown, so you may see pale brown hollow bed bug skins in areas where bed bugs congregate.

Bed bug bites on your skin. Because bed bugs feed on human blood, they leave behind bug bites, often in clusters. Not everyone reacts to these bites, so although you may have bed bug bites on your skin, your partner may not.

In especially large infestations, the scent of over-ripened raspberries (or even cilantro) can be detected.

If you’ve seen these signs of bed bugs around your home, you may be wondering how bed bugs got into your house. There is never an easy answer to this question, as bed bugs can arrive in your home in a variety of ways. These pests may be found in many different public spaces; if you spend time in public transportation like buses, taxis or planes, commercial lodgings or even the homes of friends, bed bugs that are present may climb onto your clothing or your belongings and you may unknowingly carry them into your home. Visiting friends and family can bring these pests to your home in the same manner, so it can be a challenge to pinpoint the exact reason you have these pests.

But how these pests arrived in your home is not the important question; what you need to know is how to get rid of them. That’s where the Denver pest control professionals at EnviroPest by Sprague Pest Solutions come in! Our home pest control services can help you locate your infestation, including bed bugs and bed bug eggs and then offer a bed bug treatment to eliminate bed bugs in Colorado homes (home pest control page) completely.

Contact the pros at EnviroPest by Sprague today for more information on our bed bug control services to find out how we can help you locate and eradicate even the worst bed bug problem.