furniture on roadside infested with bed bugs

If you find bed bugs in your furniture, you may be inclined to throw it out, but before you do that consult with a professional pest control company; they can help!

As we continue to learn more about bed bugs and their plans to seemingly take over the world, you may be inclined to go out on a limb and take drastic measures to get rid of them. Although the first reaction may be to get rid of the infested items all together, it is actually best to wait for the professionals to assist in getting rid of these pests. You could be throwing away a lot of money in your Salt Lake City, Seattle, or Portland based business or home if you go on a furniture tossing tear.

In the case of a severe bed bug infestation, it is possible that your home could become overcrowded by these little bugs and they could be hiding in your upholstered furniture, on your headboard and nightstand, behind hanging artwork on the walls and under carpets. Mattresses are certainly not the only place that you are likely to find bed bugs in the case of an infestation. But what many fail to recognize is that even in the case of a bed bug infestation, many professional bed bug services will completely kill bed bugs including their eggs, which means your furniture will no longer be infested.

There was a couple in the news recently who experienced a serious bed bug infestation in their apartment and as soon as their lease was up they moved out, only taking a few articles of clothing with them and left all of their belongings behind. They had to reach out to charity organizations to assist them in furnishing their new apartment. Although a sad story, this may not have even been necessary had they consulted their local pest control company to make sure their home was no longer infested.

Today’s bed bug treatment technologies include such methods as canine inspections to be sure that there are no signs of bed bugs left after a bed bug treatment and also to help prevent future problems. Another method includes bed bug heat treatments, which internally heat a space to a high enough temperature as to kill off all bed bugs including their eggs in one quick shot. It is a chemical free approach that proves to be highly effective in homes and businesses alike. In some cases, chemicals may be applied in conjunction with the other methods to be sure that bed bugs are gone.

So, if you are suffering from a case of bed bugs in your Salt Lake City, Seattle, or Portland business or home, stop before you throw away your belongings! Contact Sprague Pest Solutions and wait for the experts in bed bug control to come inspect the area and offer the most effective bed bug treatment options which can leave you, your furniture, and your belongings completely bed bug free in no time.