Bed Bug Inspections for Businesses

Summer is busy and bed bugs could have landed a spot in your business.

Has this summer gone by way too fast? If you own or run a business, you know how busy the summer season can be. But even though you may be busier than usual, that’s no excuse for missing your regular bed bug inspection. Bed bug problems can actually get worse in the summer time with the increase in travel, so making sure that your business is bed bug free is especially important, even in those extremely busy summer months. 

People love to take vacations in the summertime, which means that bed bugs have the potential of spreading far and wide during this season. They attach themselves to belongings and clothing and can be carried into a home or into a business on the back or inside the luggage of an unsuspecting traveler. When a bed bug or two are introduced into a new structure, they will quickly seek out a place in which to hide during the daytime. At night, bed bugs will come out looking for a blood meal, which is usually a sleeping human tucked into bed. Bed bugs in hotels can be an especially severe problem, because the turnover rate in a hotel is great, which means many different people will sleep in the same room in a short period of time. You may have heard the bed bug horror story where a business doesn’t realize it has a bed bug problem until its too late and bed bugs have spread throughout all the rooms, into the walls and eventually the business had to shut its doors. Don’t let this happen to your facility; schedule bed bug inspections periodically to make sure that your business continues to remain bed bug free. 

Qualified professionals like the professionals at Sprague Pest Solutions can inspect rooms in commercial facilities for signs of bed bugs. The professionals know exactly where to look to find these pests. Although these inspections can sometimes take awhile, as pictures may need to be removed from walls, electrical outlet covers need to be removed and sometimes items need to be disassembled. For a quick and even more accurate bed bug inspection, a bed bug dog can be hired to perform the inspection. The professionals at Sprague offer quick and accurate Bed Bug Canine Inspections that can inspect a room in 3 to 5 minutes, detecting the scent of only live bed bugs and their eggs in places where the human technician cannot even access. A bed bug dog can be a very valuable asset in the fight against bed bugs, keeping you abreast of bed bug problems before they have the opportunity to spread and get out of control. 

Setting up a regular bed bug inspection can help to keep your business bed bug free and it can also safeguard your reputation, which can be severely tarnished by just one report of bed bugs in your facility. Should a bed bug problem be detected, a bed bug heat treatment can be performed to quickly and thoroughly remove all live bed bugs and their eggs from the infested room. This service can usually be done in one day, leaving the treated rooms bed bug free by the very next day. 

If you have been out straight this summer and haven’t had the chance to think about a bed bug inspection for your facility, don’t waste any more time! Contact the professionals at Sprague in Seattle, Portland and Salt Lake City and other areas throughout the Pacific Northwest and Intermountain regions for a bed bug inspection immediately to make sure that your facility is not breeding these problematic insects. The last thing you need to worry about in your facility is bed bugs; leave bed bug inspections to the pros when you schedule your periodic bed bug inspections for your commercial property.